Raptors and Riesling 2023

American Kestrel. Photo: Kristen Mauzy / Audubon Photography Awards

Taking flight again this spring! Join us to celebrate Wildlife and Conservation in the Northwest Corner.

Sunday, May 28, 2023 at 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

Please check here for updates about this event as the date approaches.

Every May, Sharon Audubon Center welcomes you to soar with the birds at Raptors and Riesling, celebrating the wildlife rehabilitation and conservation and the wonderful people who support it!

We invite you to sponsor and/or attend this joyful event - good food, good wine, good company, and the regal presence of our resident raptors.  We may even have the chance to witness the release of a recovered patient back to its wild home!

The Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic at the Sharon Audubon Center is the only staffed facility in Northwest Connecticut that cares for injured and orphaned wildlife. Each year, your support helps Sharon Audubon Center care for hundreds of bird patients and the habitats they depend on. Raptors and Riesling is a significant part of our annual budget. Thank you for your generosity and shared dedication to nature!

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Sponsorship Levels

As a sponsor participant of this year's virtual celebration, you will be recognized on our online coverage of Raptors and Riesling.

  • Sky’s the Limit!— Over $2,500
  • Golden Eagle—$2,500
  • Barred Owl—$1,000
  • Red-Tailed Hawk—$800
  • Peregrine Falcon—$550
  • American Kestrel—$250
  • Individual Tickets—$50 

Sponsorships at $550 or more include membership to the Soaring Wings Society with special thanks and access to exclusive events.

Questions: email or call 860-364-0520 x120

Thank You to Our Generous 2023 Sponsors

With special thanks to Ira Smith at Kent Wine and Spirit, a sponsor extraordinaire, donating wine for this event since 2014!

It’s never too late to become a sponsor! Early sign-up will give you a spot here on the event web page, but your sponsorship is welcome up to the day of the event.

(Sponsor list last updated 5/26/23)

*Sky's the Limit! - Over $2,500

Dinny and Ed Greene

*Golden Eagle - $2,500​

Susan Norton Allen and John Allen
Hilda and Arnold Neis
Kathleen Fuhr
Alexandra and Fred Peters

*Barred Owl - $1,000

John Brett and Jane Strong
Bruce and Kathryn Taylor
Jane and Robert Keiter
Lisa and A. Gregory Bachmann
Marianne Smith and Kevin McSherry
Laurie and David Hodgson
Mrs. James T. Metz

*Red-Tailed Hawk - $800

*Peregrine Falcon - $550

Mary Ellen and Andrea Geisser
Scott Heth and Laurie Fortin
Cynthia Walsh and Rene Milo
Sandy and David Slemmer
Elaine and Lou Hecht
Mary Robertson
Lucy and Richard Berry
Roger and Florence Liddell
Annette and Chris Clow
Katie O'Brien
Claudia and Steve Malley
Ellen Petersen
Charles Weeden
Randall Missimer
Dan and Lorna Edmundson
Joel Weber and Laurel Pinson
Michele Sherman Kalish and Geoff Kalish
Nancy Hathaway
Ileene Smith and Howard Sobel
Charlie and Mavis Wright

American Kestrel - $250

Klemm Real Estate
Dr. Peter Lombardo and Alfred Books
Bill Arnold and Stephanie Wargo
Anne and Peter Putzel
Ed Herrington
Kathy and Jake Fricker
Cheryl Heller and Gary Scheft
Raymond Leasry
William and Adelaide Harris
Liz Faulkner and Walter Brett
Gerry Freedman
Vicki and Jack Lynch
Roxana Laughlin
Cristin and David Rich
Caroline Herrick and Ted Sands
Sarah K. Morrison
Sally Vaun
Kathryn McAdams
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vietor
BZ Coords
Arete Warren
Charles and Mary Jackson
Margaret Douglas-Hamilton
Pamela Scott
Henry Casas
Licia Hahn
Claudia Cayne and Pieter Lefferts
Lorraine Lorenzini
Lynn and Tom Blagden
Tamara Tershakovec
Dana Holman and Margorie Fraticelli
Ingrid and Gerry Fields
Helen Degener
David and Deborah Moore
John Brett and Jane Strong
Virginia Potter
Michael Hallows and Lynn Perry
Katy Kinsolving
Harvey Shapiro

Additional Event Sponsors

Many thanks to The Avangrid Foundation for their generous support of our wildlife rehab program.

With Your Support, We Can Do Great Things

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Kestrel Nest Box Program Keeps Populations Steady

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Wildlife Rehabilitation Clinic

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Meet Our Resident Animals

Meet Our Resident Animals

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