Sharon Audubon Center—Continuing a Legacy

In 1961, Clement and Keyo Ford donated their estate to Audubon. Their vision was that their property, known as Bog Meadow Farm, would forever be a place where people of all walks of life could learn about and enjoy the wonders of nature, just as they and their children had done for decades. Thus, the Sharon Audubon Center was born.

Emily Winthrop Miles Wildlife Audubon Sanctuary 

Emily Winthrop Miles was a poet, writer, and artist. Much of the inspiration for her work came from nature. In 1962, the year after the Sharon Audubon Center was formed, Emily donated her property to the National Audubon Society, creating the Emily Winthrop Miles Wildlife Audubon Sanctuary. The buildings, her sculptures, and the beautiful land continue to be a reminder of her life and times.

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