Resident Raptor Curator

Learn how to feed and care for the center's resident birds of prey

Sharon Audubon Center is home to many non-releasable birds who serve as education ambassadors for their species. All of our birds are permanently disabled and need care every day. Our resident raptors are housed in large outdoor aviaries and are on display for the public to visit. Many are trained to be handled on the glove for educational programs.

  • Volunteer Raptor Curators provide daily husbandry to our resident raptors including preparing and providing fresh food and water, enclosure cleaning, enrichment, and socialization.
  • Eventually, interested volunteers may be trained to handle our resident raptors on the glove for educational programs.
  • No previous knowledge or experience in animal care necessary.

If you are interested in this volunteer opportunity or would like to learn more, please contact us at the Sharon Audubon Center.

American Kestrel. Photo: Sharon Audubon Center

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