Sharon Audubon Center

Visitor Center


Located just off Route 4, in front of the circular driveway, our Visitor Center is FREE to all visitors.

The Visitor Center houses our...

Nature Store—offering a wide selection of nature supplies, gifts, and children's nature books, toys, and games.

Bird viewing window inside nature center
Photo: Bethany Sheffer/Sharon Audubon Center

Natural History Exhibit Room—a showcase of seasonal displays and live-animal exhibits with snakes, turtles, insects, birds, and a few others. Visitors can watch our honeybees hard at work in their indoor hive during the warm months or relax by the large bird station viewing window during the cold months. 

Sharon Audubon Center staff and volunteers are also available to answer questions during visitation hours. Individual staff can be reached by visiting the homepage and clicking on the 'About Us' tab and then 'Staff.' 

Non-releasable wildlife enclosures, including box turtles and bird species.
Eastern Box Turtle and bird exhibits, including an Eastern Screech Owl, Mourning Doves and a Ring-necked Dove. Photo: Bethany Sheffer/Sharon Audubon Center
Additional wildlife exhibits include aquatic turtle, snake, and insect species (the latter not featured in this photo). Photo: Bethany Sheffer/Sharon Audubon Center

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