Sharon Audubon Center

Pollinator Garden

Open daily from sunrise to sunset

In 2016, Audubon Sharon partnered with the members of the Millbrook Garden Club to convert the Center’s traditional Herb Garden (that they had helped maintain for 50 years) into a Habitat for Pollinators. A pollinator garden supports hummingbirds and pollinating insects (bees, moths, butterflies, and others ) with a nearly nonstop source of pollen and nectar. This is in keeping with the conservation missions of both the Sharon Audubon Center and the Millbrook Garden Club. Wander through this lovely spot, enjoy the seductive scents and colors, and get ideas for how to make your own garden a feast for the birds, butterflies, and bees!

Visitors are welcome to explore our center's gardens, trails, and view the aviaries, daily from sunrise to sunset for a small fee: $3.00 adults, $1.50 children 12 & under, $1.50 seniors 65 & older, and FREE for members of National Audubon Society and "Friends" of the Sharon Audubon Center.

The Millbrook Garden Club has maintained the pollinator garden (formerly the Herb Garden) since 1966, when a member of the club and owner of the property, Mrs. Clement Ford, donated the land to the National Audubon Society. The garden can be found on the back corner of the front lawn.

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