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Thankful for Wildlife Trail

November 12 - 30 (2021) from sunrise to sunset

Grey Squirrels help expand forests by burying acorns; Chimney Swifts eat up to 12,000 mosquitos in a single day; North American Beavers provide sanctuary for fish, birds, and amphibians through the construction of their dams. Wildlife help sustain healthy ecosystems in diverse and interesting ways!

Join Sharon Audubon Center in expressing gratitude for our local wildlife on our self-guided Thankful for Wildlife Trail, which begins at the entrance of our Maple Trail and concludes at the Eastern Bluebird nestbox near our parking area. Follow the signs for the trail posted on stakes, trees, and other objects along the route. Please see our homepage for our latest COVID guidelines.

Enjoy and please share YOUR appreciation for wildlife with us by using the hashtag #Thankfulforwildlife and tagging us (@sharonauduboncenter) on Facebook or Instagram after walking the trail!

—Wishing you a safe, healthy, and peaceful holiday season, from our Audubon family to yours.

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