Mike Dudek

Land Manager

860-364-0520 ext. 112, email

Favorite Bird: "Insect eater, people-friendly, tough, double clutcher, I’m definitely coming back in the next life as an Eastern Phoebe. We sometimes see this handsome flycatcher during our Christmas Bird Count here in northwest Connecticut perched over whatever open water is available looking for a snack."

Formerly long time Manager of the Buttercup Farm and Rheinstrom Hill Sanctuaries in New York and the E.W. Miles Wildlife Sanctuary in Connecticut, Mike now works as the Land Manager for Sharon Audubon Center. He oversees building and grounds maintenance and implements habitat management of four properties and more than 2,100 acres that are managed by Sharon Audubon Center. He is also involved in wildlife projects, such as the American Kestrel banding project, and works with volunteer and school groups at the center.

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