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Hands-on, curriculum-based learning through nature

Sharon Audubon Center's school programs satisfy many of the Connecticut Science Standards for grades K-6. Most school programs can be held at the Sharon Audubon Center or at your school.

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About Our Natural Science Programs

Located on Route 4 in Sharon, Connecticut, Sharon Audubon Center is the local educational resource for natural science information and instruction. Experienced educators can assist teachers in the planning and teaching of science units in a hands-on, inquiry-based format.

The natural science programs of Sharon Audubon Center have been carefully structured to satisfy many of the Connecticut Science Standards for grades K-6. Scientific numeracy and inquiry are integrated into many of the programs through hands-on lessons. Programs can either be held at the 1,147-acre sanctuary, taking advantage of the varied habitats (ponds, streams, forests, and fields) or they can be conducted on the school grounds or in the classroom.

The most effective programs consist of multiple meetings with the same children so a complete unit can be thoroughly taught.

Sharon Audubon Center’s goal is to provide programming to teachers that meets their classroom needs as well as our mission to increase students’ affinity for nature. This brochure is just a guide to some of the services available. Please call us at 860-364-0520 if you have any questions about how our programs can most effectively meet your educational needs.

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