Meet Our Resident Animals

Painted Turtle

Meet Rafael

Brought to Sharon Audubon Center: July 10, 2015

Injury: Metabolic Bone Disease

Sex: Male

History: This Eastern Painted Turtle was found lying near the edge of a pond, obviously sick and with barely any coloration to his skin. He was brought to the Sharon Audubon Center by a caring woman who knew there was a problem. Rafael was underweight, had a respiratory illness, and warping on his carapace (top shell) that is due to nutritional deficiency during growth. This is common in reptiles who are raised in captivity under improper conditions. Painted turtles are often caught as babies and kept as pets and are often released when they are bigger and no longer wanted. It is obvious that this is the case with Rafael. Since he was raised in captivity, he did not know how to hunt food and his immune system was not built up enough to survive in the wild. With medical treatment and supportive care, Rafael regained his healthy coloration, but cannot be released.

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