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Northern Walking Stick

Northern Walking Stick (Diapheromera femorata)

Did You Know? Walking Sticks have the ability to regenerate lost legs

Description: Walking Sticks are very slow moving, long, thin wingless insects that look remarkably like a twig. This allows them to camouflage on trees and bushes during the day. These brown or green insects have very long antennae, about 2/3 the length of their body. The male is smaller than the female and can sometimes be seen riding on the female's back.

Average Length: 3 inches males, 3.25 inches females

Life Span: 1 yearsingly laid eggs are dropped into leaf litter and remain dormant over winter; nymphs hatch in the spring and become adults by late summer

Habitat: Deciduous forests

Range: East of the Rockies

Diet: Walking Sticks feed on the leaves of many deciduous trees, including oaks, hazelnuts, sassafras, black cherry, and black locust. They also eat clovers.

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