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Fish Crow

Meet Mischief

Brought to Sharon Audubon Center: 2018

History: Mischief fell from his nest as a baby and was found on the ground by people who decided to keep him as a pet. He had a bad wound under his tail that went untreated for a long time and was infested with maggots by the time he was brought to our clinic for help.  Because he was improperly raised by people, he became imprinted on humans, meaning he identifies with humans for social interaction rather than his own species and is unable to learn essential behaviors to survive in the wild. Because of this, Mischief was unable to be released back into the wild.

Fish Crow (Corvus ossifragus

Average Height: 14 – 16 inches 

Average Weight: ½ - 1 pound 

Wingspan: 2 ½ feet 

Lifespan: 6 -7 years in the wild 

Description: The Fish Crow is virtually identical to its cousin, the American Crow, possessing a sleek black body and bill. Listen for this bird’s nasally call to distinguish it from American Crows. Like other members of the family Corvidae (crows and ravens), these birds are very skilled at mimicking and can learn to imitate sounds from their surrounding environments. 

Call: short and nasal sounding. 

Range: The Fisch Crow breeds in the Eastern United States. This bird is commonly found on the coast of Connecticut but can also occasionally be found in the NW corner.

Habitat: Fish Crows live along bodies of water: coastlines, marshes, estuaries, and river. 

Diet: Fish Crows are opportunistic omnivores, meaning they eat both protein and plant matter that is obtainable. These items include crustaceans, amphibians, small mammals, berries, and nuts. 

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