Nature Store-Office Clerk

Learn how to help customers in the Nature Store, greet visitors, answer phones, and other simple office tasks

The Nature Store at the Sharon Audubon Center offers a complete line of field guides on all topics, educational books, children's toys, gift items, birdseed, feeders, and much more. Shelves are constantly stocked with new merchandise. This is a great opportunity for volunteers interested in sales and meeting people. In addition to helping with the Nature Store during busy events or times when the staff is not available, volunteers help greet visitors and answer questions about the exhibits, current activities at the center, trails, wildlife sightings, and National Audubon Society information.

Individuals may also be taught simple office tasks such as answering phones, filing paperwork, database entry, and helping with major mailing events (stuffing, sealing, addressing, and stamping envelopes). 

This position is very helpful during times when school groups are onsite and staff is out in the field teaching, as well as on occasional weekends when staff need to be at a program off-site.

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