Erinn Whitmore

Wildlife Rehabilitation Assistant

860-364-0520 ext. 108, email

Favorite Bird: Chimney Swift

Erinn came to Sharon Audubon Center in May of 2018 as a wildlife rehabilitation intern. She was, at the time, a state-licensed wildlife rehabilitator in Gloucester, Massachusetts where she worked with small mammals, stranded marine mammals, and reptiles and volunteered regularly with a songbird rehabilitator in town. With a background in veterinary technology and a lifelong interest in wildlife, she has worked with a variety of native species including bobcat, wolves and wolf-dog hybrids, and raptors.

Erin's skills and interests only blossomed at Sharon Audubon Center and she was hired on, after the internship ended, in September 2019 as the part-time wildlife rehabilitation assistant. Now relocated to Sharon, Erin received her Connecticut state wildlife rehabilitation license in 2019. When she is not rescuing wildlife in Connecticut, she volunteers her time and experience as an advisor for an international domestic mink rescue organization. Erinn also sculpts small stone totems.

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