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Bird Banding Internships

Dates: May through August

Primary Responsibilities: Each summer Sharon Audubon Center hires one or two interns to mist-net and band songbirds that are breeding on their property. Banding takes place at the Sharon Audubon Center and the Miles Wildlife Audubon Sanctuary in Sharon, as well as the Bent of the River Audubon Center in Southbury, Great Mountain Forest in Norfolk, and the Buttercup Farm Sanctuary in Stamfordville, New York. Through this effort, more than 5,000 birds have been banded. Many of these birds return to breed at the same locations year after year giving us the opportunity to gain a better understanding of how old they are and how successful they may be at breeding and completing their migration each winter. Banding interns go through an intense week-long training and are responsible for setting up and taking down mist nets, extracting birds, taking measurements, and recording and entering data into the database, as well as other related tasks.

A driver's license and means of transportation are required for this position.

Compensation: Interns have a furnished cottage at the Miles Wildlife Sanctuary with private bedrooms, a shared kitchen, bath, and living room. Salary is $288.75 per week. Students should arrange for school credit with their advisor beforehand, if applicable.

To Apply: To be considered for an internship, all applications must be done online (no mailed, faxed, or emailed resumes will be accepted.) Check out the National Audubon Society Career Center to apply for current open positions.*Please note that these positions are not listed on the Career Center continuously. They are usually posted a few months before the start date of the position, so continue to check back if it's not listed.

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